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Hawaii’s Montage Kapalua Bay Ready for Big Opening

Hawaii’s Montage Kapalua Bay Ready for Big Opening

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he resort is set atop the picturesque Kapalua Bay, on the northeast coast of Maui, Hawaii.

After an extensive multi-million dollar improvement program the Montage Kapalua Bay resort, on Hawaii’s main island of Maui, will finally be opening for business on June 1st. It’s offering guests 50 luxurious suites, ranging from one to four bedrooms, with large "lanais"(balconies), to full gourmet kitchens, to signature Montage bedding, and state-of-the-art technologies. As the only all-suite resort in Maui the venue aims to provide guests with a quintessential Hawaiian experience by infusing authentic characteristics of the island's culture through all aspects of the resort experience, from locally sourced produce to indigenous spa products.

The resort is set atop the picturesque Kapalua Bay, on the northeast coast of Maui, Hawaii, and is the latest addition to the Montage Hotels & Resorts collection. Once open the oceanfront resort will showcase Montage's personalized attention to detail with comfortable luxury experiences, personalized, memorable service, regionally inspired dining and an immersive Spa Montage that will all celebrate the "aloha spirit" of Hawaii.

The resort is offering guests and early-bird special called the “Montage Maui Memories Experience” which will include a $50 daily breakfast, a $200 Spa Montage credit, and an overnight stay in a new one-bedroom residential-style suite at the resort. Rates start from $595 per suite, per night, and the offer is available to book until May 31, 2014, for travel from opening day, June 1, through Dec. 19, 2014 (based on availability).

More information can be found on their website.

If You Get One Spa Treatment in Hawaii, Please Make It the Maui Maluhia

The rugged terrain, cascading waterfalls that plummet down into a lush blue ocean, palm trees slowly swaying over sparkling sand&mdashHawaii compels visitors to explore the land as much as it encourages relaxation. On a recent trip to idyllic Maui, I chose the latter.

Some secrets are just too good to keep, and Spa Montage at Montage Kapalua Bay&mdashthe 24-acre oceanfront resort that hugs the northwest coast of Maui&mdashis one of the best-kept secret gems on the island. Founded in 2014, the Montage Kapalua Bay is a painfully beautiful postcard come to life the all-encompassing resort boasts a three-level sunset pool, panoramic views of the beach at every turn, and a Champagne Hale (house) at Cliff House perched over Namalu Bay&mdashyou'd be hard-pressed to find anything to complain about at Montage. So what on earth would cause anyone to want to stay indoors and book a spa treatment? The Maui Maluhia treatment at Spa Montage, that's what.

"Maluhia is a state of mind, a state of silence, of peace," Jennifer Holzworth, director of spa and retail at Montage Kapalua Bay told "When that treatment was created, we wanted to create something where guests can completely relax it's an all-encompassing treatment where we're hitting every sensory."

After walking through the eucalyptus-scented spa building, I changed into a robe and was instructed to wait in tiny hut for my massage therapist. Each spa treatment at Spa Montage is performed outside in a private hale with chirping birds and the crash of the ocean's waves providing the soundtrack&mdashjust the tranquil respite this New Yorker needed.

The Maui Maluhia treatment, along with the other treatments offered at Spa Montage, embrace Hawaiian culture and traditions alongside European spa culture influence. When I walked into my hale, I was given the option of choosing one out of four Pohala Oils, which are "locally sourced and use kukui nut or coconut oil as the base oil," Holzworth said.

"The gentleman who makes it forages all of these plants and ferns from the islands, and then he distills the plants into this beautiful oil," Holzworth continued. "His grandmother passed down to him and you have to do it by certain phases of the moon in order to get the best benefits of each of those plants&mdashthey all have a different cycle within them."

The first part of the Maui Maluhia is reserved for reflexology, basically a super-calming foot massage. "The foot is a map of the entire body," Holzworth explains. "You can address a lot of concerns on the entire body with just that one area, so it also allows the massage therapist to really see where the tension is so they know where they need to focus." Next, my massage therapist dry brushed my entire body upwards "to stimulate the lymph to move through your body and really pull out the toxins, which helps you to recover quicker." Moving up the body, I was then covered in a mud mask mixed with green, white and red algae oils, and then wrapped in a cocoon using a blanket&mdashand then peacefully knocked out. I woke up when it was time to wash the product off and was directed to an outdoor shower attached to my hale.

The massage therapist must have realized how tense I was from the reflexology portion of the massage because for the next 60 minutes, her movements replicated the kneading massage chair you sit in when you get a pedicure. She asked me where she should focus her attention, and as a writer who's almost always hunched over her laptop, my neck and shoulders needed all the love. Using her forearm, fingertips and palms, she applied firm pressure to loosen all tight zones, starting with my neck and shoulders before making her way down to my lower back. The soothing music from outdoors coupled with deep forearm pressure felt like the equivalent of dozing off to your favorite ASMR. I left in complete bliss until I returned to my room and reality began to set it: There was no way I could go back to New York and book a regular massage after this experience. But then again, a trip to Hawaii each month isn't feasible either. How could I re-live the pure luxurious bliss I felt in Maui in the comfort of my own home in New York?

Holzworth suggested stocking up on my favorite body scrubs and masks.

"Any time that you can find to do a really great exfoliation and a really great body mask will work, whether it's the dry brushing or you're using like a salt scrub in the shower," she advised. "You put on a body mask and then just soak in a tub, you're obviously going to feel the state of relaxation and bliss from it, but also you're going to get the benefits from the heat driving the products in farther and deeper for hydration and detoxification."

Cane & Canoe: Fine Dining at Maui’s Montage Kapalua Bay

The tropical bounty of the Hawaiian Islands means ready availability of incredibly fresh produce, seafood and a growing number of artisan foods. Cane and Canoe, Montage Kapalua Bay’s award winning signature restaurant, with Executive Chef David Viviano at its helm, uses that abundance to create a dining experience to remember.

The entry at Montage Kapalua Bay leads a stunning water view.

Overlooking one of Maui’s most beautiful vantage points, Montage Kapalua Bay is one of only two 5-star resorts on Maui. On 24 oceanfront acres, the resort has 56 one- to four-bedroom suites, all with gourmet kitchens, separate living areas and every amenity one could hope for. There’s a full-service spa, a championship golf course, a three-tier swimming pool facing the ocean, cultural and family activities, (plus a kid’s camp), event space, and two restaurants and lounges, including Cane & Canoe.

The resort’s entry and the restaurant is designed to resemble a Hawaiian canoe house, with a tall, pointed roof, and great wood and fiber details. Inside, there’s a great open air view of the restaurant’s outdoor seating, the pools, and beyond, blue sky and water. At ground level, the restaurant décor is clean, modern and comfortable. Artwork, textiles, rich woods and stone create a natural palette augmented by lush and colorful fauna. Enjoy beautiful views from anywhere in the restaurant.

Our seating time allows for the perfect combination of the last of a warm sun, the soft glow of dusk, and an absolutely stunning sunset.

The drama continues with the lighting of torches surrounding the perimeter of the restaurant, casting a romantic evening glow. Live music from an acoustic guitarist added to the ambiance.

Cane & Canoe’s refreshing ‘Akala

We settle in with a cocktail. I have the ‘Akala, a soft tea-rose hued mix of vodka, elderflower liqueur, fresh pink grapefruit juice and orange bitters which was refreshing and fresh rather than too-sweet, and my dining companion enjoyed the Early Evening, with mescal, blanco tequila, yellow chartreuse, and lychee.

Our friendly and well-informed server, Stacy, arrives bearing a bread basket of scrumptious and biscuits with Molokai sweet potatoes. The bread is served with unsalted whipped butter topped with course ground black sea salt and a taro leaf, olive oil and garlic pesto. (Taro is ubiquitous in Hawaii, but this is a preparation I’ve never tasted before. Apparently the leaves can be toxic and need to be either soaked or cooked before use. You would think soaking or cooking would detract from the flavor, but it didn’t the spinach-like fresh flavor just burst from this fabulous pesto.)

Breads arrive with delicious accompaniments.

Starters Not to Be Missed

The entrée items are each enticing, but it’s also true you could put together a marvelous meal from only the Starters and Sides Menu.

The Sous Chefs, Davis and Nathan Hood, are from Charleston, and Chef Viviano adds their version of this mainland Southeast Coast classic to the menu. Four colossal tiger prawns are sautéed with diced Portuguese sausage and grace a plate of white grits cooked over a tomato pan sauce, and garnished with green onion. Cooking the grits in dashi broth adds to the Aloha. Delicious.

Shrimp and grits not just a southern favorite.

The Goat Cheese Tempura is a must-have starter. Globes of fresh goat cheese are lightly fried in a thin envelope of tempura batter to create a dish that is so light, they almost float. (Yes, I know. But really.) These beautiful cheese tempura are topped with arugula, lightly dressed in liliko’i (an Hawaiian passionfruit) and orange. The sweetness of the fruit and pepper of the arugula are perfect. The cheese lacks the saltiness I was expecting, and the creaminess and sweetness shines. The cheese is purveyed from the artisan goat cheese producers, Surfing Goat Dairy in Kula.

Light and creamy goat cheese tempura.

A meal in Hawaii is not complete without ahi tuna and Chef Viviano’s is divine. Slices of fresh, raw sashimi-grade Ahi tuna arrive marinated in a citric Japanese ponzu sauce. Dots of wasabi cream complement the fish, and the jalapeno and cilantro garnish add final flavor kick.

Creative and Well-Chosen Sips

Sommelier Vanessa Lampson’s training and travel experience guide her in her recommendations.

Resort Sommelier Vanessa Lampson oversees the wine program and her portfolio includes wines from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Lebanon, Argentina, and New Zealand, and from the US California, Washington, and Oregon. The celebratory and romantic setting definitely calls for bubbles and there’s an extensive selection of champagnes and sparkling wines.

She says, “I select wines that truly represent the place they come from, the philosophy of the grape grower, and the intricacies of the vintage. I prefer wine that is grown without chemicals and has very little added to it, or taken away, during the wine making process. My list is a balance between familiar favorites and a healthy dose of quirky or avante garde wines.”

The beverage menu includes a list of beers from the US, Belgium and Japan, as well as local brews from Maui, Mahana and Kona Brewing companies. The Spanish, French and Oregon aged cider selections and sake options are well-chosen.

After-dinner drinks are hardly afterthoughts. There’s a variety of ports, digestifs, ice wines, and brandies.

Main Courses Excel

Large portions of two perfectly grilled lamb chops has my companion raving, although he generously shares some of this “cut through like butter” flavor-packed dish. Surfing Goat cheese makes a second appearance in the accompanying cheese-potato gratin. A ratatouille of vegetables sourced from Maui’s upcountry and a gremolata with macadamia nuts tops off the dish.

With the lamb chops, Lampson recommends a 2013 Saint-Joseph Nicolas Badel, from Rhone. It’s a subtly spicy Syrah balanced with blackberries, with tannins meaty enough to complement the lamb chops.

Grilled lamb chops are delicious.

My grilled swordfish appears on a medley of red and white potatoes and caramelized onions. A light cream sauce is added to the plate at the table, allowing the potatoes and fish to retain their own flavors. The flavorful swordfish is meaty, sweet and perfectly succulent.

A glass of Monte Tondo Soave Classico, has wonderful initial florals full-bodied zesty flavors and a long finish that held up wonderfully with the firm-fleshed swordfish.

A Perfect Finish

Cane & Canoe panna cotta with coconut cream and passionfruit puree.

We are more than happily sated, but remind one another how active we’d been all day and manage to say “yes” to sharing the panna cotta. Chef Viviano’s take on this classic includes a mild coconut whipped cream and a layer of passion fruit puree that just popped with delightful fresh flavor.

With a cup of well-brewed Hawaiian grown and roasted black coffee, the dessert is the perfect finish to our best meal in Maui.

Celebrating Fresh, Locally Sourced Ingredients

Executive Chef David Viviano is committed to fresh, locally sourced ingredients. In addition to Surfing Goat, he works with Local Harvest, Kumu Farms, Napili Flo and Valley Isle Seafood and others.

“We highlight Hawaii’s best products,” he says. “Honey from Lahaina, eggs from Launiopoko, finger limes from the Big Island, heirloom tomatoes from Kula, Kauai prawns, Kona lobster, and papayas from Molokai are a few of the many local ingredients we use on a daily basis.”

Viviano heads the operations for the resort’s other restaurants, market, in-residence and private dining. He brings twenty years of experience in fine dining cooking, menu creation and managing culinary programs. He says, “Working in San Francisco early in my culinary career shaped who I am a chef. Having access to such wonderful products from artisan farmers was truly inspiring. I look to recreate this experience for my guests by highlighting Maui’s finest ingredients. ”

At Cane and Canoe, these exceptional ingredients are brought together with experienced culinary technique to create a wonderful evening out. Aloha!

The restaurant and grounds at night.

The resort’s Cliff House, available for events or private events and dining.

Fully-Furnished Residences

Located in the heart of Montage Kapalua Bay, each fully-furnished residence also includes an expansive and private lanai of up to 575 square feet that is perfect for entertaining. Garden Level Residences offer direct access to the lawns, pools, and the rest of the resort from their private lanais. Exceptional views of Maui’s world-famous sunsets can be seen from most residences.

Each of the newly released residences features a private lanai with ocean views that is ideal for . [+] entertaining.

Courtesy of Montage Kapalua Bay

These luxury homes offer an elegant and contemporary design with spacious bedrooms, and luxurious bathrooms. Well-appointed chef’s kitchens are equipped with a Sub-Zero refrigerator and wine cooler, Wolf oven and cooktop, GE Monogram microwave, dishwasher and an in-unit washer/dryer.

The residences are being offered as move-in ready and fully furnished with luxurious appointments from furniture, Montage bathrobes and linens to china in the cabinets and silverware in the kitchen drawer. Residences also come with indoor parking spaces and a storage locker that is perfect for bicycles, golf clubs, beach gear and other items.

Residents are given full access to the superb amenities and services offered by Montage, a Forbes . [+] Five-Star Resort. Seen here is the Cane & Canoe restaurant.

Courtesy of Montage Kapalua Bay

A Forbes Five-Star Resort

Residents are given full access to the superb amenities and services offered by Montage Kapalua Bay, a Forbes Five-Star Resort. Residents enjoy immediate proximity to the all of the resort amenities and a living experience with everything that offers, from owner valet parking, room service and daily housekeeping. In addition, owners have access to a dedicated staff who can create personalized experiences from special occasions, travel and outdoor activities to maintenance and property management when they are not present.

Owners also enjoy an array of benefits and additional services at all Montage destinations, from the Montage Beverly Hills, Montage Deer Valley, Montage Laguna Beach, The Inn at Palmetto Bluff, and Montage Los Cabos, Mexico. Owners also enjoy the same benefits and privileges at all Pendry locations, including San Diego, Baltimore, and West Hollywood (Opening Summer 2019).

Montage Kapalua Bay offers multiple restaurants including Cane & Canoe, which is seen above.

Courtesy of Montage Kapalua Bay

Montage Kapalua Bay offers five stunning white sand beaches, a plethora of water sports, two marine sanctuaries and miles of hiking and biking trails. As the area is protected by an offshore coral reef, Kapalua Bay is home to an incredible array of fish and other sea life and is one of the Island’s most prized swimming and snorkeling spots. The resort’s three-tiered lagoon-style swimming pool is 8,500 square feet in size. In addition, the Kapalua Beach Club Pool offers a private pool that is reserved for homeowners.

There are also plenty of fitness and sports facilities to keep residents busy, including a tennis complex and two legendary championship golf courses.

The 30,000 square foot full-service Spa Montage Kapalua Bay offers a full menu of spa treatments, therapies, beauty treatments and wellness offerings. The spa offers private outdoor treatment rooms and indoor plantation-style spa suites. There’s also a state-of-the-art fitness center that offers yoga, Kinesis, mat Pilates and spinning classes, as well as personal trainer services.

A community unto itself, Montage Kapalua Bay features two world-class golf courses, a general store, . [+] hiking, walking and biking trails.

Courtesy of Montage Kapalua Bay

The property offers several restaurants and bars, including a signature fine dining restaurant, poolside casual dining and a private waterfront event venue. Homeowners enjoy a private club complete with casual dining.

While the resort offers a meeting space, business center, laundry and dry-cleaning services, there are even services for pets, including grooming, walking and sitting. Montage will even arrange for the purchase and delivery of grocery items if you want your kitchen stocked before you arrive or during your visit to the property. The hotel will even provide a staff member who will pack or unpack your bags, if you desire.

Residents can enjoy Asian-influenced contemporary cuisine for breakfast or dinner at Montage’s . [+] signature restaurant Cane & Canoe (seen above).

Courtesy of Montage Kapalua Bay

Owners have the option of participating in the Montage rental program. As Montage Kapalua Bay is the top-rated hotel on Maui, the resort commands some of the highest nightly room rates on the in the state of Hawaii.

“Montage’s differentiating factors begin with the incredible culture and execution of unscripted, welcoming and gracious service,” adds Necrason. “Given the scalability of an intimate residential portfolio, the dedicated staff is extremely engaged with every aspect of ownership from concierge requests to property management, allowing for a high level of personalization. This ensures the most enjoyable and memorable time spent at home.”

Montage Kapalua’ Bay's Cliff House, which is seen here, is available to residents as an unparalleled . [+] venue for private events on Maui.

Courtesy of Montage Kapalua Bay

The Climate

Unlike other second home locations, Maui is a four-season destination with an average of 276 sunny days each year, which is more than the islands of Hawaii, Oahu and Kauai. The average temperature during the hottest months of the year—-August and September—-is 86 degrees Fahrenheit (with a low of 71 degrees). During the coldest months, which are January and February, the average high temperature is 79 degrees Fahrenheit while the average low is 65 degrees. Kapalua Bay, where the Montage is located, is a region of the island where it is dry and sunny virtually all the time. And, unlike the Caribbean and Mexico, there are no mosquitos and the inherent risk of contracting the ZIKA virus is non-existent.

Getting There

It is easy to travel to western Maui. Transportation to and from the Kapalua Airport, which is only ten minutes away, can be arranged through the hotel’s concierge team. Mokulele Airlines offers direct service into the airport from Honolulu several times a day, as well as to and from other Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Airlines has launched new service to Kapalua Airport from both Honolulu and Kahului, while Southwest Airlines launched several new Hawaii flight routes, including to Maui, in March of this year.

Hotel Review: Montage Kapalua Bay (Maui, Hawaii)

Even though this was my first trip to Maui and therefore had nothing else to compare to, I feel like I can still say with certainty that the Montage Kapalua Bay is the best hotel on the entire island. In fact, it may be the best hotel in all of Hawaii.

Not convinced? Let me explain why.


With hotel reviews, normally I’ll dive right in with pictures of the facilities, the room, and the food. But what makes this hotel so great is the one thing you can’t show in pictures, the service. As I sit here typing this a month after our stay, I’m still glowing from the incredibly friendly service that we received throughout our stay.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that the Montage offered Aman-caliber service, but in a much more casual style. And that really resonated with us, as we’ve found that type of service, particularly in Asia, to be a bit too doting.

One of the most important factors leading to such high-quality service was the continuity of the staff. For the most part, the same group of people were working at the hotel during our 4-night stay. That meant that after day 1 and initial introductions, we were greeted by name the rest of the time, as opposed to being treated simply like a room number. The personalized service even went as far as remembering our preferences with small things like having water with or without ice, to asking us how our activities were after mentioning them earlier in the day.

Here are a few examples of the amazing service we received at the hotel:

  • Concierge: both of the team members we worked with had grown up in Maui, which is probably by design. The result is that they had a deep knowledge of all the great spots to visit, not just highlighting of the typical touristy stuff on the map
  • Valet: wow, these guys were really great. They were the last people to see us off when leaving, and the first people to greet us when returning to the hotel. And in all cases, they just made us feel good and would greet us with huge smiles on their faces. Each time we picked up our car it was waiting for us with the windows down, trunk open, with cold waters and beach towels waiting inside
  • Pool service: the team was greatly attentive, always coming by with cold pitchers of ice water and treats
  • Housekeeping: one of the hallmarks of a good housekeeping staff is to perform their job like ninjas, being rarely seen but also highly effective. They did their job extremely well as our room was freshened up twice a day and always when we were out.


Enough about the amazing service, let’s cover the equally amazing hotel facilities. The Montage opened in Summer 2014 and at less than a year old, still looks virtually new. The property has a total of 50 guest rooms, along with 54 residences. The residences may or not be occupied at any given time, so from that perspective the hotel is still small enough to maintain a boutique feel, which means a lot of personal attention and privacy.

The drive to Kapalua takes about an hour from the airport, and after driving along the golf course, you’ll turn into the hotel’s driveway.

There is a long walkway along a koi pond which leads to the open-air lobby overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. And just in case you’re having trouble seeing it, there’s a telescope handy.

The hotel has 5 main residential buildings that form a horseshoe around the focal part of the hotel, the pool.

Next door to the hotel is the hotel’s spa which is housed in a standalone building. Hotel guests have full access to the spa, which has its own co-ed swimming pool and hot tub, along with separate steam room, sauna, and hot tub facilities for men and women.

Our Virtuoso booking included a spa credit, so we stopped by one afternoon for a relaxing couples massage.

The spa also housed a huge gym which contained all of the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

And lastly, the hotel had a full child care center with babysitting service. The center looked empty every time we walked by with a lone staff member in there twiddling her thumbs, but I’d imagine that this is a great feature for those with little ones.


Perhaps the coolest part of the way the hotel is structured is that you get your own personal elevator entrance. That’s right, no long walk to your room down a hallway filled with screaming people. You simply push the button to your room, and the elevator opens right to it.

We were assigned to room #4503 on the 5th floor out of 7. Because of the lack of hallways and the new construction, the sound insulation is amazing. Once you enter your room, you can literally shut out all the noise from the outside world.

Even though we had booked a 1BR room, our room was actually a 3BR room with the other 2 bedrooms locked up. That essentially means that whether you book a 1BR, 2BR, or 3BR room, the shared space will be the same. So for just the two of us, there was way more space that we needed.

Inside the room, there was a huge state-of-the-art kitchen and the cupboards were filled with every single kitchen gadget you could ever need.

Waiting for us were some chocolate covered strawberries.

The dining room had a 6-seat dining table.

Given how new the hotel is, the furniture was still in great shape and was very comfortable.

The bedroom featured an incredibly comfortable king bed and impressive blackout curtains that could turn the room into a cave even in the middle of a sunny Hawaiian summer day.

The bathroom was huge and featured a rain shower and separate soaking tub.

There was another half bathroom near the room entrance, along with washer and dyer.

There were sliding doors from 2 of the bedrooms and the living room leading out onto the patio, which featured 6 recliners, a day bed, and a 4-seat dining table set.

Our partial ocean view room overlooked the pool, and had great views out into the ocean and the neighboring island.

Another cool feature was that both the bedroom and living room TV’s were each equipped with DVR’s. While I tend not to watch much TV when on vacation, my Sunday TV ritual is an exception and it was great to be able to record all my shows and watch them at my leisure.

The Pools

At many beach-front resorts, the pool can almost feel like an afterthought, since after all you’re just steps away from the ocean. But as crazy as this might sound, the Montage has somehow managed to design a pool that outshines the ocean.

First of all, let’s talk about how many pools there are on the property. By my count there were 3 – at the Spa, at the adults-only Beach Club, as well as the main pool in the middle of the resort.

The main pool was really something special, it’s far and away the nicest pool I’ve ever seen in my life. The pool is so big that it feels like it takes up an entire city block. The upper part is the “Serenity Pool” which as the name suggests is a quiet area where cell phones and children are banned.

Other hotels may have larger pools, in particular those in Vegas for example, but they are just so crowded and you are more than likely to find a beer can floating around.

The Montage’s pool was designed in a way that no matter how many people were around, you could still feel like you’re the only one in the water. They’ve achieved this by creating nooks and crannies all over the place where can keep out of sight from others.

Also, the number of pool chairs to guest ratio was great because we never had to fight for a spot at the pool, which can often be the case at other hotels.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the waterfalls. By my count there were 4 of them, including the big one below.

I mean, who doesn’t like swimming through waterfalls?

But I think the pool was so amazing that the pictures above just can’t possibly do it justice. So I made the video below to give a full tour.

From what I could tell, most guests had lunch by the pool and that’s what we did one afternoon. We ordered a cool and refreshing mahi mahi poke dish, along with a pulled pork pizza.

In addition, snacks were brought out throughout the day.

Near the pools there were also a handful of games available for guests, including a putting green, bean bag toss, and Connect 4.

Kapalua Beach

Just a 5-minute walk down from the hotel was Kapalua beach. Even though its a public beach, on the far end nearest the hotel, there was a section reserved for Montage hotel guests. There was a beach hut that provided equipment and also beach chair service. We identified ourselves as hotel guests to the staff, and were told that the beach chairs and snorkeling equipment were complimentary.

We loved snorkeling here, in particular because there were a couple sea turtles that made daily trips to feast on the algae here and were more than happy to hang out with us while eating.


In addition to the pool restaurant and room service, the hotel’s main restaurant Cane & Canoe was open for breakfast and dinner. Our room rate included breakfast and that’s pretty much the only meal that we had at the hotel.

The food is perhaps the only weak spot in the Montage’s resume. For the most part it was just good, but certainly not special or memorable.

The breakfast menu featured a range of starters and entrees, and each morning started with a squash muffin amouse bouche. Our Virtuoso rate included a $60 breakfast credit which was more than enough for the 2 of us.

On the first day I went with the eggs benedict.

And my wife tried the egg white fritatta.

One of my favorites was the acai bowl which was delicious and refreshing.

And on the final day, not having to worry about wearing a swim suit later on, I indulged in the purple potato pancakes.

On 3 out of the 4 days we went down to the restaurant for breakfast, and the other day we tried room service which had a smaller menu with more limited options.

The loco moco was somewhat forgettable, with overcooked patties and congealed gravy.


Overall, our stay at the Montage Kapalua Bay was amazing, highlighted by the best service that we have ever received at a North American hotel. If we return to Maui this will definitely be our hotel of choice.

Our stay was also a great introduction to the Montage brand, and has us already planning out future stays at some of their other properties in Southern California, Colorado, South Carolina, and (soon to be) Los Cabos.

Reward yourself with the beauty of Kapalua

Nestled in one of Hawaii&rsquos largest nature preserves, the resort features a necklace of stunning white sand beaches, two marine sanctuaries, award-winning accommodations, premier real estate, and two legendary world-class golf courses.

With our condos, estates, and home sites, you can choose to return year after year or make it your home for a lifetime.

Kapalua Resort is home to the Kapalua Wine and Food Festival as well as other signature events throughout the year.

From local &ldquoplate lunches&rdquo to award-wining cuisine and wine, there is sure to be something to excite anyone&rsquos palate.

As one of the top golf resorts in the world, Kapalua&rsquos championship golf courses are nothing short of amazing.

With world-class amenities and personal service, Kapalua provides a degree of luxury rarely encountered.

Get your adrenaline pumping with thrilling adventure activities or kick back and relax on our white sand beaches.

Learn all about the latest events and offers in the Kapalua Resort area by reading the posts available to you at our Kapalua Lifestyle blog.

Montage Residences Kapalua Bay 5101: 3D Tour

This ocean view 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2,904 square-foot resort residence currently lists at $4,275,000. Montage Residences proves a worthy investment opportunity as resale values appreciate. Notable precedents include Montage Residence 1405 selling for $4,625,000 in 2015 then $7,250,000 in 2019, and Montage Residence 2103 selling for $2,800,000 in 2011 then $4,950,000 in 2019.

5101 is turn-key and ready to occupy, or place in a nightly rental program.

Please do feel free to contact me regarding 5101, as well as life in general at Montage Kapalua Bay. Being a yoga teacher at the Spa Montage three classes per week, plus having spent plenty of time enjoying the property from Spa Montage retreat days to Live Music at The Hideaway at Kapalua Bay, I have the inside scoop!

A 3D Tour of 5101’s Spacious Floor Plan, Ocean Views of Kapalua Bay, Bedroom Suites, & Open-Air Kitchen, Dining, and Living Spaces is easily accessible via this link: Montage 5101.

Coconut Air Kisses and Hugs from Kapalua! Be well and safe during these times and always.

Hawaii: Montage adds Maui hotel to its group, offers savings package

The Montage Hotel group, which has properties in Laguna Beach and Beverly Hills, has welcomed a Maui hotel to the fold and is offering savings for those who book this month.

Montage Kapalua Bay opened on Maui’s less-touristy northwest coast on 24 acres. The property, formerly the Residences at Kapalua Bay underwent a $15 million facelift

The all-suite resort features one- to four-bedroom accommodations, each with a lanai complete with daybed, all the better to enjoy the ocean views.

The suites include gourmet kitchens. Guests prepare their own meals from organic food sold at the resort’s Mahana Market or hire a chef to create them.

Those who want to dine out--but without a drive--can visit the upscale Cane & Canoe restaurant or the casual Sunset Patio, located poolside.

The Montage Kapalua Bay employs Silla Kaina as its cultural ambassador. Kaina’s job is to educate guests about native customs through lessons in hula, lei making and ukulele.

To celebrate the hotel’s opening, the Montage Maui Memories Experience package is available for guests who book by the end of June. It’s priced at $595 a night, and includes a one-bedroom suite, a $50 daily breakfast credit, and a $200 Spa Montage credit.

Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort

Give us your first impressions.
It’s the spirit of Zen, more than Aloha, that greets you as you walk under a reclaimed teak pavilion, across a marble bridge that appears to be floating over a reflection pond, and into Andaz's open-air lobby on Maui. The soaring space is filled with light-colored furniture, all anchored by a sand pit in the center of the room. Above that, there's only sky—in the form of a skylight. It’s immediately clear that Andaz is one of the most modern resorts on Maui—indeed, it’s one of the newer resorts here—making you feel as if you’re in a rich relative’s modernist beach house. Adding to that comfortable feeling is the check-in process, which, per Andaz brand standards, happens via tablets while you sit and relax with a welcome drink, rather than at a front desk. Of course, ocean and pool views—there are four pools total—are front and center here too.

What's the backstory?
This was formerly a ho-um Renaissance Hotel until Hyatt demolished the building and turned it into one of the first resorts under its boutique-style Andaz brand in late 2013, making it one of the newer resorts in Wailea. David Rockwell, of the Rockwell Group, spearheaded the fresh, contemporary look.

How are the rooms?
Guest rooms are simple and modern, with white shutters, linens, gray area rugs, and teak furniture. Bathrooms are encased in lava stone some feature deep-soaking tubs. There are complimentary minibar snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Although all rooms have private lanais, they tend to be on the smaller side compared to other resorts. If space is a must, book a suite category or higher. For bigger families, two- and three-bedroom ocean villas provide space, comfort, convenience, and direct access to the pool and beach.

Drinking and dining—what are we looking at?
Ka’ana Kitchen, Andaz's all-day restaurant, serves an epic breakfast buffet featuring Hawaiian and Western specialties and even a juice mixologist. Bumbye Beach Bar does a poolside menu with tuna poke and avocado toast. Morimoto Maui is the resort's fine-dining sushi destination (book in advance), and a 24-hour market stocks tasty to-go food, wine, coffee, snacks, and acai bowls.

How about getting around?
The property has an unusual layout—the experience begins at the top of the complex with check-in, then winds down a hill to the beach. There are elevators and walkways for those with small children and mobility issues, but it can be a lot of steps to walk when you’re returning from the beach.

Anything to say about the service? Staffers are super-friendly and accommodating, and the overall mood is a laid-back and casual, rather than formal and uptight.

Who's staying here?
Those who can’t handle an overcrowded and manufactured resort experience—creative types, seasoned world travelers, and well-off young folks—often seek out the Andaz because it has figured out how to do luxury without falling prey to touristy schlock.

What about the neighborhood? What else is here
The Andaz is at the end of the Wailea coastal path, a small distance away from a cluster of nearby resorts and a bit farther from The Shops at Wailea. If you’re looking to be near the action, rather than in the middle of it, the resort is perfectly located.

Any other features worth noting?
The $48 daily resort fee includes cultural lessons like lei-making and coconut husking, along with a photography session, fitness classes, GoPro camera rentals, and more. The ‘Awili Spa is apothecary-style choose among local herbs, plants, and fruits for a customized lotion to take home after your treatment. The resort also has a great kids' club (called Hub 808) for those ages 5-12. Other perks include complimentary coffee and tea each morning and a car service throughout Wailea.

Bottom line: Worth it?
Absolutely it doesn’t feel like a mega-resort, yet it still has wonderful hospitality and amenities.

Montage Hotels & Resort Announces the Opening of Montage Kapalua Bay

Photo: Montage

Montage Hotels & Resorts announces the grand opening of Montage Kapalua Bay, spanning 24 acres above picturesque Kapalua Bay, on the northwest coast of Maui. Following a $15 million renovation of the former Residences at Kapalua Bay, the new all-suite resort is a private oceanfront escape with an emphasis on comfortable luxury, gracious service, memorable experiences and regionally inspired dining, all in an immersive Hawaiian setting.

"We are thrilled to open our first Hawaiian resort on the stunning shores of Kapalua Bay," said Montage Founder and CEO Alan Fuerstman. "The genuine authenticity of the Hawaiian culture aligns naturally with Montage's focus on personalized service. We look forward to welcoming guests and the community to consider this as their gathering place where life-long memories will be created."

Guest Suites

Montage Kapalua Bay offers 50 luxurious residential-style suites, ranging from one to four bedrooms, to accommodate all types of travelers with the comforts of home. Montage Kapalua Bay also offers 54 Montage branded residences for purchase. Each room features large "lanais" (balconies), offering a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and neighboring islands. Guestrooms include a new, sleek color palette and furnishings, including day beds on the balconies, creating a flowing indoor and outdoor entertainment space. Suites are also equipped with full gourmet kitchens to prepare meals or where Montage chefs may prepare dinner for you. Other comforts of home include signature Montage bedding, a spacious living area including a sectional sofa with an additional bed and a washer and dryer. Bringing a touch of the authenticity of the island into the experience, each guest suite will feature an original piece of hand-painted local artwork.

New Signature Dining Experiences

Montage Kapalua Bay's signature restaurant, Cane & Canoe, is reminiscent of a traditional Hawaiian canoe house, where locals and artisans would socialize, make sails, shave wood and weave baskets. In this historically rich setting, travelers and locals may dine together savoring diversely influenced cultural cuisine under the direction of executive chef Riko Bartolome.

The restaurant's interiors honor the Hawaiian culture with a comfortable, communal atmosphere with wood scrollwork, woven textures and vibrant floral touches. This homage to the past is captivatingly juxtaposed with the gifts of modern luxury, including sophisticated sofa banquettes and most importantly, a contemporary approach to cuisine, showcasing fresh, local ingredients.

For a more casual dining experience, the outdoor Sunset Patio offers an all-day menu suited for leisurely poolside dining. The adjacent Hana Hou bar will also serve as the perfect gathering spot to end the day and take in the Hawaiian sunset.

At the new Mahana Market, guests may purchase an array of Hawaiian gourmet goods. Open daily, guests may select from an assortment of "gourmet to go" prepared, local organic foods and curated wines.

Health & Wellness

Spa Montage Kapalua Bay, designed with inspiration from the mountains and ocean to create a peaceful surrounding with natural materials, is a 30,000 sq. ft. tropical wellness oasis with indigenous plants and immaculate design elements. Within this space, guests may experience all of the components that contribute to a balanced and healthy lifestyle in Hawaii, customarily known as "pono."

Every service is personalized, authentic, and evidenced-based. The highly educated therapists aim to exceed guests' expectations by connecting guests to the island's surroundings, utilizing indigenous ingredients.

An expansive fitness center and wellness program complements the spa therapies, introducing the benefits of movement to enrich experiences from the inside and out. Highlights include circuit training machines, the Kinesis System, free weights and a full range of cardio equipment. A robust assortment of fitness classes in the ocean view movement studio caters for guests of all fitness levels, with oceanfront fitness classes also available.

Unique Programming

Montage Kapalua Bay's amenities are designed to create memorable experiences that merge the Montage spirit with Hawaii'sown gracious ho'okipa, or hospitality. Montage Kapalua Bay offers a cascading pool surrounded by circular day beds to encourage relaxation, while two nearby championship golf courses, entice guests to spend time on the links. Steps from the resort are five bays and three white sand beaches, ideal for snorkeling over the reefs and through tropical fish. The resort also offers signature Panama Jack bikes for guests to explore the property. An emphasis on tradition is another major focal point, as Montage Kapalua Bay offers enriching cultural programs developed by the resort's onsite Cultural Ambassador Silla Kaina. The programming is aimed at educating guests about native Hawaiian customs with hula dance lessons and interpretation, lei making and "Talk Story" sessions, ukulele lessons, spa rituals and more.

Become one of the first to experience the new resort and be rewarded for your early reservations when you pre-book theMontage Maui Memories Experience. The package includes:

  • $50 daily breakfast credit
  • $200 Spa Montage credit
  • Overnight accommodations in a new One-Bedroom Residential-Style Suite

Rates start from $595 per suite, per night, with a savings of over 20% on your stay. This special offer is available to book untilJune 30, 2014, for travel from now through Dec. 19, 2014 (based on availability).

For more information or to make reservations, please visit or call 808.662.6600.

Montage Hotels & Resorts

Montage Hotels & Resorts is the ultra-luxury hospitality management company founded by Alan J. Fuerstman. Designed to serve the affluent and discerning traveler and homeowner, the company features an artistic collection of distinctive hotels, resorts and residences in stunning settings.

Hawaii’s Montage Kapalua Bay Ready for Big Opening - Recipes

Condo: Montage Residences Kapalua Bay #6302 (Floor: 3)

Asking Price: $3,395,000 Fee Simple
Sold Price: $3,300,000
Sold Date: 04/06/2021

The Montage Kapalua Bay Residences is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity to own a piece of Maui's most prime real estate on breathtaking Kapalua Bay, rated by Conde Nast as "Best Beach in America". With over 2,700 living square feet, this spacious 3-bedroom condominium residence comes with all of the luxuries and amenities you would expect from a Montage-managed property. Memberships in The Kapalua Club enhance owner privileges and benefits to two championship golf courses, including PGA-Tour Season-Opening Tournament of Champions course, The Plantation Course, the award-winning Spa Montage, tennis garden, world-class restaurants, miles of hiking trails and an array of ocean activities. The combination of unparalleled location, expansive views, luxurious floor plans and Montage services makes for an unparalleled, hassle-free, Hawaiian resort lifestyle unlike any other.

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Watch the video: Montage Kapalua Bay Maui Hawaii (June 2022).


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