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The Resort at Paws Up

The Resort at Paws Up

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The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Mt.,, which also is a working cattle ranch, is rich with history. There are many references to the Lewis & Clark expedition, with resort homes with names like Meriwether Lewis and Sacagawea. The ranch raises black Angus cattle that graze on the 37,000 acres.

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Bought in 1997 by the Lipson family, the resort was named for their overly friendly Labrador retrievers who would greet visitors by standing on their hind legs and putting their "paws up." The Lipsons have created a warm, welcoming, and homey atmosphere, and dress is always casual here.

The resort consists of well-appointed homes, which can house two to four couples and families, plus luxury tents in the camping villages. Each of the luxury homes has been tastefully decorated by Nadine Lipson and comes equipped with a fully functional kitchen, comfy king-sized beds, a sunken Jacuzzi bath, and a tile shower built for two. The living room has a huge working fireplace and staff will happily get that fire started for you. There are two spacious decks, front and back. The back deck also has a hot tub where you can unwind, de-stress, and enjoy the gorgeous Montana scenery.

A visit to the resort is also a culinary adventure, as they host several events that revolve around food: Montana Master Chefs and Montana Master Grillers, to name just a couple.

What is there to say about the food? Just that it's spectacular and prepared under the careful direction of resident guest chef Dale Levitski and food and beverage manager Kevin Kapalka. Expect to enjoy delicacies such as seared rib-eye, steelhead trout, and grilled octopus. Of course, these are paired with the most exquisite wines, as the resort has strong ties to many American wineries.

During this stay, guests were treated to the culinary creations not only from chef Levitski, but from Montana Master Chefs contestants Kelly Liken, CJ Jacobson, and Brooke Williamson.

Some of the delights served by the contestants were a decadent Guinness stout cake, Colorado rack of lamb, and crispy pork belly with pickled peaches. Each course was paired with the appropriate wines brought in by visiting vintners from Wagner Family Winery, Three Rivers Winery, and Domaine Carneros.

Guests will also enjoy buffet breakfasts in the resort's Tank & Trough restaurant, where there's a choice of everything from bacon, eggs, sausage, huckleberry pancakes, and Danishes to good old lox and bagels. Lunch is often served outside, chuck wagon style, for a real Western food adventure.

To see some of the good eats, and beautiful scenery from The Resort at Paws Up, click trough the slideshow.

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