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Fusilli with minced meat

Fusilli with minced meat

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first I prepared the minced meat: I cut the onion, pepper, garlic and celery finely, I hardened a little in olive oil, then I added the finely chopped tomatoes. I let it simmer under the lid for a few minutes then I added the meat and the finely chopped mushrooms, I mixed well and I left it to boil with a cup of water, I also added the bay leaf and oregano, a little salt. I let it simmer until the meat was ready ... I added a little more broth and with a teaspoon of starch I made a little thickening, to gather the sauce. I added green parsley, a lg of sour cream and put out the fire.

I boiled the pasta with salted water and oil for 10 minutes, I drained them and so hot I portioned them in plates then I poured the sauce on top. you can add an lg of sour cream to your choice ... that's how I served it ....

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