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What We’re Loving: Michelle Bernstein for Havaianas’ Burger Flops

What We’re Loving: Michelle Bernstein for Havaianas’ Burger Flops

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Once again, food and fashion come together.

For those of you are beach bums like we are at The Daily Meal — that is, when it’s weather-appropriate or we’re off on an amazing vacation — you’ve heard of Havaianas. The Brazilian brand that spawned the bright flip-flop craze has come together with James Beard Award-winning chef and Miami girl Michelle Bernstein to bring a little fashionable flair to the Food & Wine Burger Bash in Miami.

Havaianas has created a limited-edition collection of Food & Wine pins that will be available on-site at Burger Bash and on the Havaianas website from Feb. 21 to Feb. 24. These whimsical pins feature snacks and cooking items such as pasta, cracked eggs, burgers, fries, ice cream, pickles, ketchup, and more.

Not only did Bernstein infuse her Latin pizazz when creating the pins, but she created a menu of recipes inspired by the collection.

The creative pairings, such as bolo de maracujá (passion fruit cake) with purple sandals and the ice cream pin, the Brazilian burger with red sandals and the burger pin, and moqueca (seafood stew) with gold flip flops and the fish pin, will be available for each guest to order at the event.

Bernstein will be on-site at the Havaianas booth at the Burger Bash to "serve up" her delectably named sandals and exclusive recipe cards featuring her real gourmet creations.

For those who aren’t attending the event this year in Miami, Bernstein’s flip-flop creations and her custom sandal, The Meal (gold flip-flop with ketchup, burger, pickle, and fries pin), will be available for sale on for $2.50 for each pin for the duration of the South Beach Food & Wine Festival.

Watch the video: Brazils Fashionable Flip-Flops: The Colorful History of a Billion-Dollar Sandal (June 2022).


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